Godfrey Sullivan - CEO Of Splunk GIVES BIG

October 23, 2014

Godfrey Sullivan is CEO and Chairman of Splunk, an innovative technology company that was rated #4 on “Fast Company” magazine’s Most Innovative Companies' 2013 list. Splunk went public in 2012 and is worth nearly $3 billion. Its customer base grew from 5,000 individual clients to over 6,400 in 90 countries around the world. Splunk technology gives meaning to “big data” by monitoring, collecting and indexing in real time, in order to create revenue growth opportunities. For example, running a search on the term “error” can help a university identify areas in their student registration process that need fixes. Splunk derived its name from the word “spelunking” a term which its customers used to describe the process of finding problems in their IT systems. Spelunking is the process of digging through caves, or crawling through muck.

Godfrey has a slew of interesting hobbies, but it was his love for cars that brought him to the 11-99 Foundation. Godfrey and Ralph Borelli, a fellow 11-99 Foundation member, are good friends and general partners at Club Auto Sport in San Jose. Ralph introduced Godfrey to the Foundation over 3 years ago, like he has done with so many other members. Godfrey was particularly touched by the ultimate sacrifice paid by Officer Kenyon Youngstrom, who was shot and killed while making a routine traffic stop in September 2012. Out of his deepening love for the CHP, he and his wife, Suzanne, chose to share their financial success to support the work of the 11-99 Foundation. They have graciously donated a large amount of Splunk stock to the Foundation.

In recognition of their profound generosity, we have developed a scholarship program in their name. The Sullivan Advanced Study Scholarship is awarded to students with exemplary achievements and significant financial need. In 2013 we awarded the Suzanne and Godfrey Sullivan Scholarship for Advanced Study to 28 exceptionally deserving students. In 2014 we awarded 37 high-achieving students between $25,000 and $5000 to continue their educations. Among them were Michael Ordorica, a sophomore at Syracuse University double majoring in International Relations and Political Science with a minor focus in law; Rhawnie Nepomuceno, a junior at CSU-Sacramento studying biology with the plans to go to medical school; and Maxwell Armenta, a sophomore at UCLA majoring in Civil Engineering with a focus on Structural and Geotechnical engineering.

We send the Sullivans our sincerest gratitude for their contribution and continued support of our CHP families.

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