Your Dollars ARE Making a Difference!

March 20, 2015

Education is costly, but nothing compares to the benefits and results of being well-educated.

Your generous donations are significantly helping to meet the ever-growing need to put our youth—who are the future—through college and beyond. In 2014, 832 CHP children received scholarships totaling $1.6 million. Your support enables us to continue to provide assistance to CHP employees, allowing them to focus on their job, rather than worrying about how they are going to fund their children’s education. In turn, the students we help give back to society in their professions, helping the economy, and some even become donors themselves. The dollars you provide today will help tomorrow! Over the past few years, our partnership with the Automobile Club of Southern California, coupled with the generosity of the Sullivan family, has expanded our scholarship program. The Sullivan Advanced Study Scholarship Program has made a significant difference for many students. Maxwell Armenta, pictured here, was one of the recipients of an Advanced Study scholarship in 2013 and 2014. “Your selfless giving is an inspiration. The example you set is one I hope to follow some day in the future when I have the ability to give back. I cannot be more grateful to have been blessed with the scholarship provided by the Sullivan family,” Armenta shares. The Sullivans, AAA and your support are impacting students like Maxwell, and significant financial needs are being met.

Corporate Internship Program

We are also pleased to announce the launch of our Corporate Internship Program that will provide even more opportunities for students. The 11-99 Foundation will identify high-performing students and match them with companies who offer internships. For example, if there were 10 students chosen, with several studying Engineering, we would reach out to our contacts connected with engineering companies and encourage them to hire the student(s) for summer internships.The goal is to provide students with real world work experience, while introducing the companies to bright students who could potentially become employees. CHP 11-99 Chairman and Founder of RNC Genter, Dan Genter, not only provided the seed money to kick off the internship program, but was also the first to commit to hiring a summer intern. “We are truly grateful for Dan’s generosity and his offer to support the program. He clearly sees the big picture and long-term benefits for the students,” says 11-99 CEO, Steve Harrington.

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