This form will be available starting July 7, 2020. Please return at that time to submit proof of enrollment & documentation for your scholarship award.

Once you are enrolled and registered for classes for the term, you should request a Current Enrollment Verification Certificate from your school (usually through the registrar or financial aid/admissions office) or obtain it from your online student portal. We prefer the actual certificate, but would also accept a screenshot via your online portal or a current class schedule if you cannot obtain a certificate.

Regardless, all three of the following items must be present on the same document in order for us to accept your proof of enrollment:

Example of valid proof of enrollment

1. Your name

2. The name of your school

3. The term (must be for Fall/Winter 2020 or Spring/Summer 2021 only

Save your enrollment document in a non-editable (PDF/image) format as “YourLastName, YourFirstName”. Upload the file and submit it to us in the form after July 1, 2020

Your submission will be rejected if it does not meet all of the requirements above and if it is not named and formatted as instructed.

Once we receive your proof of enrollment and validate it, we will mail your award check in approximately 2-3 weeks.