Add Spouse/Partner to Existing Membership

If you are an existing member and are interested in ADDING YOUR SPOUSE/PARTNER to your membership, either fill out the online form below, or click here to download the PDF form and email or mail it back to us.

Please note: Spouse/Partner is defined as someone who is your spouse, domestic, or life partner. Children and/or business partners do not qualify.
  • Once you have completed the Add Spouse/Partner to Membership form please mail or email the form with payment back to us. The background check approval process (5-10 business days) must still take place before the spouse/partner’s membership items are ordered. The current wait time between membership items ordered and delivered is approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • The fees to add a spouse/partner to your existing membership are as follows per level:
    • CLASSIC (or orginal LIFETIME) MEMBERSHIP = $1,000 to add spouse/partner
    • BRONZE = $1,500 to add spouse/partner
    • SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM = No additional payment is required as spouses/partners are included in these membership levels, however, the form must still be filled out for background check authorization and item selection. Please leave the payment section blank unless joining our monthly giving program at this time.

If you have questions or need assistance with this process please call our membership team at 714.529.1199 or email