Gift Planning

Gift Planning Program

For many donors, a “planned gift” (funds donated over time and/or following a donor’s death) is the largest and most significant charitable gift one will make during a lifetime. Planned gifts to the 11-99 Foundation positively impact the lives of CHP family members and can also secure tax benefits for your own family members and estate.

Join hundreds of committed and forward-thinking 11-99 Foundation friends and supporters by naming the California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation as a recipient in your will, trust or other estate planning instrument.

Give Your Legacy A Voice

Give Your Legacy A Voice Every Year The Vast Majority Of Americans Die Without Having Prepared A Valid Last Will And Testament In Spite Of The Fact That State And Federal Laws Provide Some Significant Incentives For The Preparation Of A Will. Learn How Easily You Can Create A Will.

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Will Your Will Be Known?

Many People, Especially Young Individuals And Those Who Feel Their Estate Is Too Small, Believe That A Will Is An Unnecessary Expense. But The Preparation Of A Will Does Not Need To Be Expensive And It Addresses Issues Other Than Just Property Distribution.

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What Legacy Will You Leave?

Many Of Us Desire To Be Significant And To Make A Difference. A Charitable Bequest Is One Of The Easiest And Most Tangible Ways To Leave A Lasting Impact On The People And Organizations That Mean The Most To You. It Also Lessens The Burden Of Taxes On Your Family And Your Estate.

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