Testimonials from our beneficiaries and scholarship recipients.
Inspiring stories of why we do what we do from the CHP community.

“My husband, a CHP Sergeant, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2006. This foundation assisted us with flight, meal and accommodation expenses when traveling to Northern California for treatment. They even brought his parents out from the east coast to be there for two different surgeries. He subsequently passed away. Again, this foundation was there with great financial assistance for final expenses. We have donated by becoming members, supporting golf tournaments and other fundraisers over the years and will continue to do so. The unwavering support to the CHP employees is second to none.”

grateful16 CHP Employee/11-99 Benefit recipient

“In these trying times in our country, state, and world at large, it gives me an immense sense of gratitude to be lucky enough to receive such a gesture for a second year.
Six years ago, I got clean after years of substance abuse and addiction, and have successfully transferred to University of California, San Diego to continue seeking my ultimate goal of getting a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.
From my family to you, once again thank you for assisting me in achieving a dream I hold so dearly and in the continued turnaround my life has embarked on. This will no doubt greatly impact my present and future in terms of debt or even simply staying “in the green” financially.”

Jarryd Ramborger Sullivan Advanced Study scholarship awardee

“Thank you 11-99! Our son and daughter have graduated. Our son has his Master’s in Material Engineering and daughter is getting Master’s in Criminology at San Jose State. Our daughter is working for the FBI at the Sacramento field office. Every time she would walk across the stage, she said she was going to work for the FBI, and she did it! The yearly scholarships helped keep our kids out of debt. Because of that my wife and I make yearly contributions to the 11-99. Whenever any member of our family has an opportunity to thank an 11-99 contributor, we do. The contributor is very taken and has said, ‘No one has ever said that to us!’ We had a contributor crying when we told her about our daughter and the impact they made on her life!”

Mark Williams CHP Employee/Father of 11-99 scholarship awardees

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to be awarded a scholarship. I am a computer science major at CSU Stanislaus, in my third year. Following graduation, I aspire to be a Software Engineer with an emphasis on A.I. Development. I’ve had a fascination with astronomy and science since I was young. As I continue working towards my career goal, I am aiming toward a software engineering position in the Space Technology industry so that I can combine my career and passion.
I am tremendously grateful to have been awarded this scholarship. Your generous financial support allows me to focus on my studies and continue reaching for the stars. Thank you for continuing to support CHP officers and their dependents.”

Sierra Pangilinan General program scholarship awardee

“Our family is so grateful for the CHP 11-99 Foundation. Our 11 year old son passed away unexpectedly this summer. Because he was severely disabled, I was his paid caretaker. On that devastating morning, we lost both our child and a significant amount of our monthly income. The 11-99 Foundation donated enough money to cover a month of my pay, giving me time to find new employment. This was significant to us as we navigated the most difficult and painful situation that we have endured thus far. We are so very grateful. Thank you.”

HendoKj 11-99 Benefit recipient

“I’m currently in my senior year at UC Davis and am majoring in Computer Engineering (CE). After five years of completing a brutal degree checklist I am going to graduate with a bachelor’s DEBT FREE. I couldn’t have done it without the CHP 11-99 Foundation and here’s why: I started out attending community college because it’s what I could reasonably afford. By the time I transferred I had some savings but not nearly enough to cover the cost of two years of university. I applied to dozens of scholarship opportunities while holding a 3.92 GPA, extracurricular activities, and a perfectly clean record and got nothing. I couldn’t find any program that saw value in me except for the 11-99 Foundation. They have helped me fund my college not once but for all five years. So I truly hope I can use the momentum they’ve given me to find my own successful career and one day give something back. You guys rock!”

Kyle Day General program scholarship awardee

“In 1995, while working as a CHP officer in the Dublin Area, I was shot and critically wounded. The 11-99 foundation was there for my family the next day, and over the next several weeks of my hospitalization, their representative delivered groceries to my home for my wife and young son. They also delivered presents for my son’s 3rd birthday. Over the next year of my recovery they remained in touch and constantly offered their assistance. 19 years later they have provided scholarships to my son to ease the financial burden of attending college. The CHP 11-99 Foundation has proven itself time and time again to be a class organization whose generosity has gone above and beyond in assisting families of the CHP in their time of need.”

Anonymous CHP Employee/11-99 Benefit recipient

“There are no words that could ever be sufficient enough to express my gratitude. Receiving the Fallen Hero scholarship for three years was a huge blessing for me. Due to the kindness of donors, I was able to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Forensic Chemistry without having to take out any student loans. It was one of my dad’s greatest wishes for me to finish college, and you helped me fulfill that. I am now working full-time at a Forensic DNA lab. I would not have been able to accomplish all I have if it weren’t for the 11-99 Foundation. I am so thankful for all you have done for me and my family.”

Marissa Licon Fallen Hero scholarship awardee

“The CHP 11-99 Foundation is a godsend. I received Fallen Hero Scholarship Awards between 2007-2018. Because of their amazing scholarship program and the generosity of donors, I was able to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Master’s Degree in Legal Studies, and ultimately my Juris Doctorate Degree. With their scholarship awards, I was able to graduate from college and law school completely debt free. I now work for the Superior Court of California. I am so grateful for all of their support and encouragement. I cannot thank the 11-99 Foundation or the donors enough for the gift they have given me. I am proud to be one of their success stories.”

Ashley Olazar Fallen Hero scholarship awardee

“My father is a retired Sergeant with the California Highway Patrol, and because of his years of distinguished service I have the opportunity to apply to the CHP 11-99 Foundation for school scholarships. The 11-99 Foundation has been a huge help to my family and me. Without them I would have never had the opportunity to go straight into Fresno State University and then to a private nursing school in Fresno, CA. Thanks to the 11-99 Foundation I am now getting my BSN in nursing and I’m on my way to becoming an RN.”

jamiedelcarlo356 11-99 scholarship awardee

“During my twenty seven years with the CHP I have seen the 11-99 Foundation come to the aid of families during their most distressing times. Whether a line of duty death or a life changing injury, the 11-99 Foundation provides critical support when needed most. The staff, volunteers and donors remind members of the CHP family that they are not alone when facing these challenges. The financial support from the 11-99 donors is greatly appreciated by all the members of the Department and is a tangible recognition of the sacrifices made by our brave men and women.”

PGMcCarthhy CHP employee

“CHP 11-99 Foundation is responsible for, we as grandparents raising a granddaughter, to watch her graduate with her BSN debt free! She will go on to contribute to society in a big way due to the help and confidence they have shown in her!”

katroser CHP retiree

“My husband died in the line of duty 17 years ago. This foundation was a godsend, as I was left as the single parent of a two year old. They were there during the most difficult time of my life. The organization is still there for my daughter who is now in college. She applied for and received an extremely generous scholarship to help her pay for college. She will live the rest of her life with a hole in her heart, where her father used to be, but she will always remember the support and generosity of the 11-99 foundation.”

Colleen G.2 11-99 Benefit recipient

“In 2018 my 12 year old daughter donated a little over $1500 to the 11-99 Foundation. She is a 4-H member and every year raises two Market Hogs to be sold. She keeps the majority of the profits, if any, in a college savings account and the rest rolls over to expense the next project. With the tragedy of losing several officers in just a few months she decided to use her money from the previous project to completely fund the next and then donated her entire sale check to the 11-99. She believed that even if the amount wasn’t enough to pay for a funeral, or a year of college for a fallen officers child…it would however take a small burden off a wife and mother during a time of sadness. It might help pay their mortgage, put food on their table, maybe buy Christmas Presents for other children like her. We drove 5 hours to hand deliver the money to the 11-99 Foundation. I have never, ever, met people with such passion, desire and out right dedication to their mission then those on the staff of the 11-99. They were beyond thankful and even though it wasn’t a five or ten thousand dollar donation, her$1,500 meant just the same to them. They praised her and told her how thankful they were for her kind heart and donation. They went as far as to call me later that evening to make sure we made it home okay.
I left there feeling like we mattered. We were appreciated. I have never given a donation that was accepted with whole hearts like this one. My daughter will forever remember this moment and therefore will forever be a donor to CHP 11-99 Foundation. They truly are one of a kind.”

Adrianne B Donor

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