Vocational & Academic Scholarships

Our founder, Bob Weinberg, was concerned first and foremost with the safety and welfare of the men and women of the California Highway Patrol. As a result, he launched a scholarship fund in 1984 to ease the financial burden of education. He hoped this program would free officers from the distraction this kind of financial burden can cause while on the job. Since then, rising tuition costs continue to bring increased stress to CHP families.

Since 1984, the 11-99 Foundation has provided over $35 million total in scholarships to children of CHP employees, helping thousands of deserving students achieve their educational dreams.

In 2021, the 11-99 Foundation awarded $2.6 million in scholarship awards to over 900 recipients statewide. We thank our very generous members for their continued support of this program, most especially Godfrey and Suzanne Sullivan, after whom our Sullivan Advanced Study Scholarship is named. Thank you for investing in our youth!

The 2021 Scholarship Cycle has ended. The next scholarship application cycle opens on January 15, 2022.

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Let us help you pursue your dreams…

Whether you wish to attend a traditional college or university or get professional training at a trade, technical, or vocational school, we will support your educational endeavors!

Not sure what you want to do yet? Some ideas for trades & vocations to get you started are listed HERE.

Timeline for 2022

  • January 15 – Application Portal Opens (12PM noon)
  • March 15 – Application Submission Deadline
  • April 1 – Transcript Deadline (new instructions this year)
  • April 15-20 – Sullivan Advanced Study Candidates Invited
  • April 30 – Sullivan Advanced Study Application Deadline
  • May – Awardee Selection/Review by Scholarship Committee
  • June 1-5 – Award Notification Letters Sent/Awardees Notified
  • July TBD – Scholarship Ceremonies
  • August 1 – December 31 – Scholarship Recipients Claim Awards

Eligibility Information

Eligibility requirements are assessed every year. These requirements are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the 11-99 Foundation. The 11-99 Foundation retains discretion to consider unusual circumstances in meeting eligibility requirements. 

General Program Scholarships

Scholarship awards are given annually, and applicants must re-apply each year (not automatically renewed). Award amounts for the General program typically range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending upon funds available and number of applicants. Students may receive up to 6 years of funding, or 6 awards total. Applications are evaluated and scored during April and May, and award notifications are usually sent out the first week of June. Scholarship ceremonies are held throughout the State typically in July to celebrate and recognize scholarship recipients together with their families (canceled last two years).

To be eligible for a CHP 11-99 Foundation scholarship, you must be the child of an active or retired, living CHP employee (uniformed and non-uniformed). Our scholarships are only for post-secondary educational programs – undergraduate college/university or trade school, so applicants must be graduated from high school by June of the current year to be eligible to apply. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.7 (cumulative) if you are attending or planning to attend a traditional college or university. If the official transcript we receive does not show at least a cumulative GPA of 2.7, your application will be denied. If you are attending or will attend a trade/technical school or program, this GPA requirement does not apply, although you are still required to submit a transcript (or as close to a transcript as possible).

Sullivan Advanced Study Scholarships

Some students may be eligible and invited to apply for a Sullivan Advanced Study Scholarship, which is a larger dollar amount scholarship, typically ranging from $5,000-$20,000, depending upon funds available and number of qualified applicants every year. The Sullivan awards are given to an exclusive group of students each year who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and potential, as well as great financial need. A select group of applicants is invited to apply for a Sullivan Award at the end of April, based upon their general application and info submitted to us. Sullivan applicants who are not selected for the award will be placed back into the general scholarship program for an award.

Fallen Hero Scholarships

Children of CHP Fallen Heroes may apply for funding if the eligibility requirements mentioned above are met, and may be awarded up to $100,000 in their lifetime for undergraduate & graduate school or trade school educational programs. Fallen Hero applicants do not need to be 30 years old or younger to be eligible for this scholarship opportunity.*

*Fallen Hero applicants must submit an application to be considered for a scholarship opportunity, and it is not an entitlement; therefore, there is no guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded. Further, scholars may be awarded up to $100,000 throughout their qualifying educational endeavors but might not receive the full amount of $100,000. Awardees and award amounts are determined on an annual basis.

 (Last updated 12.31.2021)

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