Vocational & Academic Scholarships

Our founder, Bob Weinberg, was concerned first and foremost with the safety and welfare of the men and women of the California Highway Patrol. As a result, he launched a scholarship fund in 1984 for the purpose of easing the financial burden of education. He hoped this program would free Officers from the distraction this kind of financial burden can cause while on the job. Since then, rising tuition costs continue to bring increased stress to CHP families.

Since 1984, the 11-99 Foundation has provided over $30 million total in scholarships to children of CHP employees, helping thousands of deserving students achieve their educational dreams.

In 2019, the 11-99 Foundation distributed $2.5 million in scholarship awards to 1,171 recipients statewide. We thank our very generous members for their continued support of this program, most especially Godfrey and Suzanne Sullivan, after whom our Sullivan Advanced Study Scholarship is named. Thank you for investing in our youth.

The Scholarship Application Cycle is NOW OPEN

Accepting Applications Online – January 15 to March 15, 2020

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Note – Safari internet browser is not recommended for the application portal. If you run into issues, try using Google Chrome. Questions? Please email

Eligibility Requirements Download Certification Form

Scholarship Application Items Needed:

  • Your portal login email address & password from last year (if re-applying)
  • The Certification Form must be signed and uploaded into your scholarship application – get a head start by downloading & completing it ahead of time
  • An official transcript from your most recently attended school – please make sure you begin your online scholarship application BEFORE we receive your transcript so that we have an application record to which we can attach/associate it.
  • Your unweighted, cumulative GPA (we will compare this to the GPA listed on your official transcript)
  • Income from the past two years for the applicant and parents (does not need to be EXACT but as accurate of a ballpark figure as you can provide)
  • The school you plan to attend in the Fall of 2020 (if still deciding, provide your top choice, or wait to finish your application until you have decided, before the March 15 application deadline)