BEWARE: Scammers Posing as 11-99 Soliciting Donations

Dear Members and Donors,

We were recently informed that scammers have been cold-calling the general public posing as the 11-99 Foundation asking for donations and personal financial information over the phone. Please note, WE NEVER COLD-CALL asking for donations. If you receive such a call, please make note of the caller ID number and alert us immediately.

Scam alert March 2022

How do you know it’s a scammer calling vs. an 11-99 staff member?

Our 11-99 team does make occasional phone calls to members or donors. These calls come directly from our staff and CEO – never cold-calls to strangers. We only call those who have donated previously, are interested in joining or upgrading their memberships, or for event-related matters. The caller ID on your phone would show our office number, or a cell or office number of one of our remote employees, all of which can be traced and verified back to the caller. To verify that the caller is an 11-99 staff member you can visit our website’s “Meet Our Team” page.

Scammers often call from various phone numbers, none of which are valid when you call back. Either they’ve been disconnected, no one answers, or there is a robotic message saying unless you want to make a donation please hang up. Please look up these phone numbers online and make a record of them.

Please also be assured that our database which houses your personal information has the highest security possible and no one, aside from our immediate 11-99 staff and IT company, has access to it. We do not keep credit card numbers or bank account information on file.

We feel it’s important to alert all our community to this so that we can all be on the lookout and report any scams to our office immediately.

You can do so by calling 714.529.1199 and speaking with our staff or emailing us at Any helpful information such as the caller ID number will help our investigators build out a case.

Thank you for helping us keep our 11-99 community safe. We value your commitment to our mission and thank you for your ongoing support.

-Your CHP 11-99 Foundation Staff