Happy 2021!

A Reflection On Last Year and a Look Ahead

2020 – Oh, what a year! I think we can all agree that 2021 holds the light we’ve all been yearning for. A promise of better and brighter days ahead. Thank you to each and every individual, organization, CHP employee, and member who supported us this past year. We know that so many in the world are still suffering, have lost loved ones, businesses, homes, or are barely scraping by and that’s not lost on us – we see you and stand with you.

Despite navigating uncharted territory in an uncertain COVID world, CHP employees continued to show up and report for duty, with public safety and service top of mind. We can’t express our gratitude enough for their daily sacrifice, protecting our families and most precious cargo on the highways of California.

To those of you who donated in 2020, whether it was a one-time donation, joining our $11.99 Monthly Giving Program, joining our membership or upgrading, or contributing your time and resources, WE APPRECIATE YOU! Thanks to this community of 11-99 supporters, we were able to sustain our level of assistance to CHP families in 2020. That’s no small feat and one that we weren’t sure would happen back in March as we geared up for our scholarship fund award process as quarantine hit. This past year, we awarded $2.1 million to over 1,200 scholarship recipients, thanks to the support from our donors.

In 2021, we look forward to (hopefully) being able to hug and hold our distant loved ones again, laugh and visit with friends we’ve missed dearly, and see and thank all of YOU, our 11-99 Foundation members and CHP employees across the state and beyond for your support – safely and in-person (fingers crossed)!

Until then, wishing you safety and health in the New Year,

Your CHP 11-99 Foundation Family

CHP dependents: To apply for this upcoming scholarship cycle (the application portal opens January 15 & closes March 15) or to learn more, click here.