Scholarship Program

Our Founder, Bob Weinberg, was concerned first and foremost with the safety and welfare of the men and women of the California Highway Patrol. As a result, he launched our scholarship fund in 1984 for the purpose of easing the financial burden of college education. He hoped this program would free officers from the distraction this kind of financial burden can cause while on the job.

There are two programs available to eligible scholarship applicants:

  • General Scholarship Program - Sons and Daughters of Active or Retired CHP Employees (uniformed & non-uniformed)
  • Fallen Hero Scholarship Program - Sons, Daughters and Spouses of CHP Fallen Heroes

Each year, on average, approximately 1,000 students are awarded funding to help them realize their academic dreams. Applications are received each Winter, awards are granted in the Spring, and student achievements are celebrated in the Summer at eight ceremonies throughout California. The 11-99 Foundation Scholarship Program has awarded more than $25M over the past 35 years.

Scholarship Award Ceremonies


How do I keep up-to-date with Scholarship Program news?

To receive updates and reminders, we highly recommend that you subscribe to our scholarship email list (form on this page at right), like us on Facebook and check our Web site to stay informed.

When do you begin accepting applications?

January 15. The online scholarship application is open each year from January 15 - March 15.

Where do I apply?

Online, right here - please watch for links & announcements via email (if subscribed) on our Web site, Facebook, & Twitter.

Who is eligible to apply?

Legal dependents of uniformed and non-uniformed employees of the California Highway Patrol - both active and retired - are eligible to apply through our General Scholarship Program. Eligibility requirements may vary slightly from year to year - the most current information will be available by following the application site link.

Sons, daughters, spouses or other legal dependents of CHP officers killed in the Line of Duty are eligible to apply for our Fallen Hero Scholarship Program. The official CHP Fallen Heroes are listed here.

How will I know if I am awarded a scholarship?

Award letters are mailed out in June with instructions on how and when to claim your award, as well as details about the scholarship ceremonies. Note: Award checks are not presented at scholarship ceremonies.

When will I receive my scholarship money?

Once we receive the proper proof of enrollment documentation. We generally begin sending out award checks in July or August each year. Checks are distributed in the order that qualification paperwork is received.

For further questions regarding the CHP 11-99 Foundation Scholarship Program, please send an email to