Frequently Asked Questions

What Is "11-99"?

California Highway Patrol dispatchers and officers use the radio code '11-99' to communicate “Officer needs assistance.”

What Is The California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation?

The 11-99 Foundation exists to serve the California Highway Patrol employees and the members of their families in times of crisis. We are an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization. Our mission is simple, important and profound--the Foundation is devoted to the welfare of CHP employees and their families.

After 35+ years of service, we are proud to say that we have provided over $34 million in support to California Highway Patrol employees and eligible family members in the form of emergency and death benefits and post-secondary educational scholarships.

How Do I Become A Member?

If you would like to become a Lifetime Member, please visit the Membership page to learn more about the four membership levels. In addition to making a donation to join, you will be required to submit an application and authorize the 11-99 Foundation to complete a background check to verify your eligibility.

How Do I Order Replacement Membership Items If I Am Already A Member?

If you are already a Lifetime Member, please contact the office to order replacement items. You may either call or submit your request using our contact form.

How Do I Buy A License Plate Frame?

The 11-99 Foundation license plate frames are NOT for sale to the general public. Please refer to the Membership page to review the details of each membership level and what items are included with each level.

If you are a member, please coordinate your replacement through our office by calling 714-529-1199 or submitting a request online.