Manny Padilla

Manny Padilla

Director of CHP & External Relations, Retired CHP Deputy Commissioner

Manny Padilla first became familiar with the 11-99 Foundation as a young CHP public affairs officer in the Baldwin Park area. His mentor, Captain Dave Helsel, was a close friend of the 11-99 Foundation’s founder, Bob Weinberg. When Manny was introduced to Bob in the early days of his career, he was struck by how Bob treated everyone he met as a friend. Bob would often write personal checks to officers or their families when he heard of misfortune or need, especially when the Foundation was first developing. “It has been wonderful to see just how far Bob’s vision has reached and how the 11-99 Foundation has grown over the years,” says Manny.

After 30 years with the CHP, Manny retired from his job as Deputy Commissioner in 2005 and transitioned into his current role with the 11-99 Foundation in 2013. Manny works in partnership with retired CHP to complete background checks on all 11-99 Foundation membership applicants. He still maintains close ties to the Department, reviewing and coordinating emergency assistance to CHP families with our Departmental Liaison.

His favorite part about his current role? “I especially enjoy attending the annual scholarship ceremonies and celebrating educational achievements with students and their families. Bob would be so proud to see that over $3 million is provided annually for scholarships to children of CHP employees.” We thank Manny for his continued dedication to CHP families over the past eight years as a valued member of our team.

Manny works remotely and can be reached by email at or by phone upon request (please call our main office).